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Scotney Castle 14-01-19

This blog relates to a short walk around the grounds of the grand old house and castle of  Scotney Castle near Lamberhurst on the Kent/Sussex border. A National Trust owned property. Some more photos of the buildings.   Well that's enough of the architecture, exciting though it was. A Butcher's Broom bush had some flowers open.  Ruscus aculeatus However, it looks planted to me. These are common in the wild on the chalk of North Kent, but uncommon on poorer, acid soils as it was here. One of the planted cherry trees coming into flower.   There were plenty of ancient or mature planted trees to admire as well. One of several very tall Redwoods in the grounds. I've mentioned these before. These plants are Navelwort, a very uncommon plant in Kent or Sussex, yet it found its way into the base of a mature oak tree. Staff confirmed to me in prev