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June 2021 - Botanical Finds from Kent

 Here is a round up of my best botanical finds for June, including beautiful, rare or amazing plants.   First up is Sea Clover, a Kent RPR species from the Isle of Grain. Too early here for seeds which in itself are distinctive, but the flowers are about half the size of Red Clover and look pinker.   Trifolium squamosum  It being June, I suppose there must be orchids! One of our most impressive is a hybrid between Common Spotted and Southern Marsh. They are usually much bigger than either parent, so are easy to find. D. x grandis  In a dry area not far away from this massive hybrid orchid was a stand of Man Orchids. These were quite fortunate, as a new road had been built missing them by yards. I do expect they will colonise the new road verge in the next years or so or at  least until they scrub over in years to come. Orchis anthropophora  Knotted Clover on Littlestone Warren. Much smaller than inland specimens I've seen. Trifolium striatum   Even smaller was Subterraneum Clover w