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Ranscombe Farm, Kent - 14/06/20

 Ranscombe is a very large reserve for rare plants and wildlife located near Cuxton managed by Plantlife. I highly recommend people to visit as it contains an amazing variety of both common and rare wildflowers. Don't be put off by the word "Farm" as it isn't just fields, there are several ancient woodland areas and even chalk grassland too. As such, wild orchids feature heavily and several species are found here. I added Bird's Nest Orchids to the list of those found here a few years back when I saw some on the edge of the Great Wood.  One of the commoner orchids found here is the Bee Orchid which is common especially on the northern edge of the reserve. But in 2019 a special variant was found which is an amazing variant that I haven't seen anywhere else. So I went to visit and have a look for myself. Here it is. It's not uncommon for a Bee Orchid to show variation, but what is rare is for a whole colony to show this variation and where they were found th