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Kent Botany Finds Late May-Early June 2017

It seems I have little hope of catching up with my blogs to give the species found the credit they deserve, so in order to catch up, I'm combining a few trips into one blog. First up was a recording trip to an urban industrial area with few records. Much of it was pretty parkland with not even a daisy in the grass verges. However, a lake provided some relief as a refuge for species other than grass. Above is Scrophularia auriculata , Water Figwort, growing on the lake edges. Below is Scrophularia nodosa , the dry land counterpart, found in a woodland strip nearby. Ranunculus sceleratus , Celery-leaved Buttercup, another lake margin inhabitant. Not all the grasses were sprayed. I found plenty of Torilis nodosa , Knotted Hedge Parsley by a road. A Holly Blue on a hedgerow at Crossways, Dartford. Stachys sylvatica , Hedge Woundwort has its own Shiedbug as shown here all on one plant. Woundwort Shiedbug, road ver

Some Special Wildflowers in East Kent - 27th May 2017

As we drove off towards East Kent we didn't really have an idea where to go. As we got onto the Thanet Way we decided to re-visit Monkton Quarry nature reserve, a place which we haven't visited since 2013. This venue is a medium sized old chalk quarry now given o ver to wildlife. As such, you get a huge diversity of plants, insects and animals there. We spotted Peregrine Falcons and Buzzards over the cliff edges. You can read all about it and see reserve photos here: It cost £8 for a family to enter, but is well worth it. It's much cheaper if you buy an annual ticket for about £15 (from memory). First off was a visit to a bird feeding area next to the entrance to hand feed live mealy bugs to a Robin which had a nest nearby. I couldn't quite get a photo of it in the hand as it was just too fast for me to capture. This is an excellent venue to see several orchid species as well as the usual chalk loving pla