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August 2021 - Botanical Finds from Kent

 It's November as I write this, which is a shame. I would prefer to keep my blogs current so you, the reader, can go out and try and find some of the amazing wildflowers I come across too. However, life conspires against me to keep things like this blog up to date. So instead, look at this as either nostalgic of the season now gone, or as inspiration for planning a trip next Summer to find such plants for yourself. Either way, I hope you enjoy reading this blog and gain some inspiration for the wonders of the natural world on our doorstep. By the time August comes along, most or our wild orchids have come and gone, but Violet Helleborine may still be found in flower. Most years, I find new colonies in suitable woodland habitats around the county. Here, I found 3 plants with a few flowers still open on a road verge on Pembury Walks. Nearby, were also some Broad-leaved Helleborines still in flower too, also a new find for the monad. Epipactis purpurata This is Toad Rush (below), a sm