New Year Plant Hunt 2017/18 - Kent : Part 1 Folkestone

The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) run a New Year Plant Hunt over the new year period each year. The aim is to find which wild or naturalised plants are in bloom at this time of the year across Britain and Ireland then compare the results year on year. It's good fun and an excuse to get outdoors after eating too much seasonal food! More people are taking part each year and it generates positive publicity for botany from TV and the press each year, either with unusual plants found in flower or a large number in flower. Even now, most botanical books give flowering times which rarely include the end of December into early January, yet each year there are at lest 40 plants in flower, often more. See   for results from previous years. Here are my finds for the plant hunt over three days from 30/12/17 to 01/01/18 starting with Day 1.   30/12/17 - Folkestone Leas to Sandgate : in (mostly) scientific name alphabe