Sandwich and Dover, Kent - 05/05/18

As usual at this time of the year, I am hopelessly behind on my blogs, so I'll keep them short on words in a vain attempt to catch up. I hope you like the photos and it encourages you to go and see these plants for yourself.

Starting off with early May finds at Sandwich dunes.

Green-winged Orchids  - Anacamptis morio 

 Thyme Leaved Sandwort trying to impersonate Small Mouse-ear.
Arenaria serpyllifolia s.s.

Carpets of Sea Sandwort coming into flower - Honckenya peploides

 The tiny flowers of Early Forget-me-not, numerous in the short turf - Myosotis ramosissima

Early May habitat photo of Sandwich, doesn't look much but the wildflowers like it.

Yellow Rattle - Rhinanthus minor

Wild Clary coming into flower - Salvia verbenaca

The larger form and flowers of Common Vetch - Vicia sativa subsp segetalis

Look for a much smaller vetch and you might find the diminuitive Spring Vetch - Vicia lathyroides

We then drove to Dover white cliffs for a look around.

Wallflower - Erysimum chaeri

The first of the Horseshoe Vetches were in flower.

Hippocrepis comosa

On a path by the NT car park was a stand of Early Spider Orchids, with lots of people walking by blissfully unaware of their presence.

Ophrys sphegodes

Having a bit of fun with a computer photo programme! I would have thought this amazing if I'd painted it, but because I did it digitally, it's just ok!

The first of the Salad Burnet to flower, female florets on top and males beneath.

Poterium sanguisorba

Next instalment coming soon if I can find time to stop going out recording!



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