Toys Hill, Kent - 15/09/17

This is a very brief blog to showcase some interesting photos I took on this recording walk on this acid soil topped big hill in West Kent.

Calluna vulgaris


 Solidago virgaurea

The long, narrow leaves of Fen or Stingless Nettle.

Urtica dioica subsp galeopsifolia

You know Autumn's coming when the spiders are out in large numbers.

Ivy-leaved Toadflax on the old walls of the ruined manor garden. This one was an unusual white form variant.

Cymbalaria muralis

These are garden escapes that have long become naturalised in the wild. Here they were in shady deciduous woodland and also on the edges of the National Trust Toys Hill car park.

Impatiens parviflora

Unfortunately they do tend to spread in favourable areas in considerable numbers, so they may not be a good thing in the long term.

Here's the last item I photographed, a coral type gungus growing along the main road verge.

Take care


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