Botanical Recording Isle of Grain TQ8475 & Hoo TQ7672 - 09/07/17

There's no way I'm going to catch up with my blogs unless I seriously shorten them. Thus, this and the next few blogs may be abridged, as in, lacking the back story behind the photo.

However, the plants are too beautiful not to share, or for any teenage readers, they're really "sick"!

These are some of the plants I recorded in this very under recorded monad (1km square) on the South side of the Isle of Grain and near Hoo in Kent.

Allium vineale
Crow Garlic

Anthemis cotula

Stinking Chamomile

Lepidium squamatus

Inula crithmoides
Golden Samphire

Common Sea-lavender
Limonium vulgare

There's also a Glasswort and Annual Sea-blite in the photo above.

Ranunculus lingua
Greater Spearwort

Spergularia rubra
Sand Spurrey

Tragopogon porrifolius

The beauty of recording is that you will find unrecorded species simply by recording at a different time of year to previous recorders. It's always worth noting down what you see, as many are likely to be new botanical records.

There! Finished this in about 10 munites. Hopefully, I'll catch up soon.

Take care


  1. I know how you feel with the backlogs. Great shots as ever, and I am still in awe on how you tell the plants apart. Fascinating to read.


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